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Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2019


Maki Cushion Cover

We started this years ’A/W Fashion Week at one of the biggest and most influential show in the industry. The Coterie Tradeshow brings together great brands and retailers in superbly merchandised shows, provide superior customer service, and ultimately present end consumers with the best apparel, footwear,

 accessories, and fashion products. It seeks to bring together brands from across the world with buyers form renowned department stores and boutiques in order to purchase products at a wholesale price in larger volumes.

 We are extremely grateful and fortunate to be among the many exceptional brands coming together to showcase our unique and special products on this international platform.

We love creating not only an awareness for our products but also our incredibly sustainable approach to business. We train and empower our staff of young women and men to create beautiful hand-made pieces that bring joy not only to us but the esteemed customers that fall in love with them. Sustainability is at the cornerstone of what we believe and represent as a brand and it is engraved in not only our practices but each and every unique product we have.

Sustainability is quite a hot topic on a global platform and Eclectic Chique knew from the beginning how important this was for not only our brand but the people who work for it and the people who fall with it.


Eclectic Chique